The Red Pill

It is also worth remembering the result of a partial audit of the Federal Reserve which was in 2011. The audit revealed that during the last financial crisis, the Federal Reserve gave the largest U.S. and foreign banks loans for the astronomical sum of 16 trillion dollars. 26, 2013
By Valentin Katasonov
Article from Strategic Culture Foundation

In the article «What is behind the information attacks on the Federal Reserve System?» I have already written about the research group of scientists at the Swiss Federal Institute (SFI) in Zurich. Their study was published in mid-2011 and was described by the world media as the sensation of the year. Since then, many authors, including «information guerrillas», constantly refer to the Swiss work. In particular, the data from this study was used by David Wilcock in his book «Financial Tyranny.» Activists from the «Occupy Wall Street» movement also adopted the calculations…

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