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20120106_salvatoBy Frank Salvato ~20120906_lie_fib_truth_fingers_crossed_LARGE

Back in February of 2012 – in what seems like a political eternity ago, I dared to broach the subject of honesty in American politics. Being equally disgruntled with the establishment Republicans, as was I (and still am) with the entirety of the Left side of the aisle, I provided instance after instance about how disgusted I was (am) with our political class’ abdication of ethics in their embrace of “the narrative,” and how I viewed the various special interest groups and media – from both sides of the aisle – pathetic in their abdication of a quest for truth. With recent events surrounding a plethora of issues, but specifically the “sequester,” I feel the need to address the issue again.

When I crafted my analysis back in 2012, I wrote:

“Throughout time politicians and their handlers have been prone to omitting unpleasant facts or…

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