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As the situation continues to worsen in Greece, many decided to skip 2013 and go directly to 2014, hoping that it might be better. The air of Athens is full of wood smoke as many inhabitants cannot afford  the highly taxed heating oil. Many apartment buildings and houses did not purchase heating oil and instead used wood or gas heaters and the fortunate ones, their fireplace. Death became expensive as many people lacked money to bury their relatives. Bodies started piling up in the refrigerators at the morgues. Fortunately the Church decided to accommodate the situation by providing free burial in some cases. Many households cannot even afford to pay their electricity bills that have become so expensive that they resemble a second rent. People scavenging the garbage cans for food  is now considered as something normal, as is the distribution of free food to the needy. And the State continues to strangulate its citizens in order…

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