Digital support key to Liberal party rebuild

Global News

OTTAWA – For every Liberal lapel pin on a partisan at the party’s leadership forum Sunday, there were thousands more digital booster badges tagged to supporters’ social media profiles.

From Twitter posts celebrating a vote cast to Facebook status updates congratulating Justin Trudeau for winning his party’s crown, the enthusiasm among party faithful spilled beyond the Ottawa event and into the online world.

“We did it. Just about to go on stage, but wanted to thank my volunteers for all that you’ve done,” a post on Trudeau’s Twitter account read, seconds after his win was announced.

“This is your victory. Thank you.”

Though the physical campaign buttons may perhaps earn a few bucks one day in an online auction, the digital displays could be worth a fortune — for the party.

While much has been made about the quantity of online support amassed by candidates and the party alike during…

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