Real Estate Sale Transactions Down By 18.86% Y-O-Y in the First Quarter of 2013

Credit Libanais

Activity in the Lebanese real estate sector bucked its losing streak during the month of March 2013, with the number of transactions rising again to 5,072, up from 3,994 transactions in February. On a cumulative basis, however, the number of real estate transactions fell by a double digit figure of 18.86% y-o-y to 13,619 transactions during the first quarter of the year 2013, comparing with 16,784 during that same period last year. 

Find out more in the attached Credit Libanais Market Watch, issue No.361, for the week ended April 19, 2013. You may also directly access Credit Libanais’ weekly report and other economic publications on our website.


تحسّن أداء القطاع العقاري في لبنان خلال شهر آذار من العام 2013، حيث إرتفع عدد المعاملات العقاريّة إلى 5,072 معاملة مقارنةً مع 3,994 معاملة خلال شهر شباط، وذلك بالرغم من حالة عدم الإستقرار السياسي والذي تجلّى باستقالة الحكومة اللبنانيّة. أمّا على صعيدٍ تراكميٍّ، فقد تقلّص عدد…

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