Small business in Russia – who is to blame and what is to be done

Russian Media

Russian weekly magazine „Russian Reporter“ published an interview with the Head of the Supervisory Board for the Russian entrepreneurs’ association „Russian Foundation“ ( Sergei Borisov, who contrasted the Russian Government’s imprudent measures with its desire to put Russia among the top 20 countries for doing business. The debate regarding the Government’s attitude towards small and medium business in Russia was spurred by the recent increase of mandatory social contributions that put as many as an estimated 300,000 small companies and entrepreneurs out of business since the beginning of 2013. 

Sergei Borisov is against the tax system that in effect filters out smaller businesses and individual entrepreneurs unable to pay the minimum social contributions prescribed by law. While there are forces within the Russian Government that are prepared to fight for every tax ruble – for instance, the Ministry of Labor recently requested to make social contribution tax evasion…

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