Romania or Bulgaria?! – Doesn’t matter!

Unwanted News

An embarassing mistake was made by the BBC during a daily politics show recently. They mixed the flags of Romania and Bulgaria up. Therefore Bulgaria was shown with Romania’s flag and vice versa.


This is unbelievable – and I didn’t expect something like this to happen on the BBC to be honest.

However, this incidence simply reflects the overall ignorance and lack of interest towards Eastern Europe coming from the UK.
The UK media focusses on negative stories about Romania and Bulgaria because the EU guidelines of immigration will be relaxed for Eastern Europe in early 2014. They are writing about gypsies, squatters and a ‘massive wave of immigrants’.

And all this happens with a general ignorance and blindness towards the reality in these countries. No one ever seemed to listen to predictions of immigration numbers made by Romanian officials or neutral observers and experts.

Maybe UK media, and in…

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