Should we look to Obama or Hollande for a Miliband economy?

Ipswich Spy

Sandy Martin 3Labour Opposition Leader on the County Council, Sandy Martin, was in close conversation with Tory blogger Kevin Algar for quite some time at the Civic Reception for the new Mayor, Cllr Hamil Clarke.

Cllr Martin had stood down from the Borough Council Executive Committee to concentrate on his role as Opposition Leader at the County Council and no doubt to work on his campaign to get elected as a Member of the European Parliament. What, then, might he be talking about with Mr Algar?

Well Mr Algar reveals that Cllr Martin suggested that he blog about the success story of the US economy, under the left wing policies of Barack Obama, contrasting it with the less than stellar recovery here in the UK under Mr Osborne.

Cllr Martin certainly suggests a rich vein of debate. The US right, which makes the Tory right (or UKIP) look like Red Ken…

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