AIM ad FFHS gate and handing over of government


Photo: Reply to Png Eng Huat

You may be tired of  the AIM and FMSS gates  from PAP and WP respectively .

What we learned from this?

Good side

Everybody is trying to come clean, explained and clarified

Bad side

Both parties are the same, having own people running the town council and benefit from it There are no such things as free supporters. People supports for their self interest


If you look at the larger scheme of thing, you can see that when the day when PAP handover the power to WP, my god, the GIC and Temasek monies , how do you accounted for it. HDB pricing need to be opened out and where is the reserve money!

That is why LKY planted the Elected President Cannot touch the reserve and also cannot remove keys Civil Servants easily.

See, Singaporean is smart enough to vote another non PAP member. Tony Tan’s time is out and given another…

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