What’s mine is yours…

Grace Philip

… and what’s yours is mine.

A growing trend is emerging within the UK economy – people are sharing. And business models are responding, for example the popular services ZipCar and Ebay.


A recent survey found that the sharing economy is saving the UK £4.6 billion a year and that 65 per cent of us are already taking part in it, while 28 per cent would consider doing the same if it meant that money was being saved.

Conducted ahead of the Global Sharing Day (2nd June), the research shows that a tough economic climate and a growing awareness of environmental issues is inspiring individuals to green their consumer-driven ways. “The sharing economy,” explains Benita Motofska, Chief Executive of The People Who Share, “is the people’s sustainable economy and is a good deal for everyone.”

But can a transition to a green economy ever be truly effective if people are acting with…

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