Faint prospects for Charter Change

Ben Kritz

front20130523Faint prospects. The Manila Times, Thursday, May 23.

So far we know that BS Aquino and the presumptive next Senate President Frank “Mr. Creosote” Drilon are against amending the Constitution, which obviously presents a big practical problem for those who disagree. A practical problem requires a practical solution; thus, dealing with the Foreign Investment Act and its two Exclusion Lists is probably the best option at this point. I find it a bit weird to actually be in agreement with a suggestion from Butch Abad, but a good idea is a good idea no matter where it comes from.

Pursuing this track, which is really the path of least resistance, will at least get what will be a very long (probably decades-long) and complicated process of social, political, and economic evolution moving, without immediately paralyzing the initiative with a debate over methodology. Certainly, there are manifold flaws in this…

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