Telstra – What Happens When Archival Data Goes AWOL on the Internet

Telstra leak from Sydney Morning Herald

Commenting on the latest data leak of customers’ information from Australian telecoms giant Telstra – with personal details of thousands of customers searchable on the Internet – Varonis, data governance software specialist, says this appears to be an all-too-common case of an organisation losing track of what is happening with all of its data at all times.

According to David Gibson, VP with Varonis: “Spreadsheets are used every day to analyse information that’s stored in a database.  People export a group of records, and then sort, search, pivot, and analyse. Organisations need to understand where these spreadsheets are stored and what they contain, make sure only the right people have access to them, and monitor who is using them. This is more easily achieved than it has ever been, due to the availability of automation software that identifies sensitive data that is accessible to too many people, audits its use, and…

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