Solving It: Carbon Fee & Dividend is the Solution


This report is an enhanced rendering of a brief visual tour of the policy known as Carbon Fee and Dividend, originally compiled as a HaikuDeck presentation. It explains the key components of the proposed legislation, and how it would work to free the middle class from the shortcomings of the fossil fuel economy.

The Carbon Fee and Dividend proposal is supported by Citizens Climate Lobby, a non-partisan, non-profit organization, made up of citizen volunteers from across North America, who actively lobby members of the US Congress and the Canadian Parliament for passage of this particular plan for correcting the failed market pricing mechanism for carbon-dioxide-emitting fuels.

The Fee and Dividend plan includes three main components, each of which will automatically sunset when fossil fuel use ceases:

  1. a steadily escalating fee applied at the first point of sale for any CO2-emitting fuels entering the US economy;
  2. a 100% rebate, paid in…

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